New Life Hardwoods And Dallas Green Design Have A New Home

by Pat Hicks on September 18, 2012

It’s been a long haul but things have been moving steadily with the renovations to the new home for New Life Hardwoods and the start of Dallas Green Design.

Here’s a few shots of the outside updates and the signage thus far. Oh, and did you know there are approximately 5,000 pairs of eyes on these signs in 8 hr, roughly speaking!!

It’s been a serendipitous experience the way this project has morphed and grown into something beyond what was originally envisioned. All in a good way. How there has been such an embrace from the community.

Already pre-booked for several  events, people coming to actually envision the bigger picture and become a part of the Dallas Green Design experience. We’re so looking forward to opening the doors so you too can be a part of this venue.

Now here’s some pics.

Are you interested in booking the New Life Hardwoods, Dallas Green Design venue for your event? Bookings are now being accepted. Email us HERE for more information

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