What To Expect When You Refinish Hardwood Floors

by Pat Hicks on November 3, 2011

To keep your hardwood floors luster and beauty, at some point in time it will be necessary to refinish them. Everyday wear and tear will after time accumulate in the form of scratches and a gradual dulling of the hardwoods finish.

This will most certainly need to be taken care of to retain the beauty of your flooring. Some people will choose to tackle this project on their own, while others choose to have it done for them. In either case, it is going to cause some amount of disruption in your home’s normal day to day routine. There are certain things you can expect once you’ve decided to go ahead and refinish your floors.


When you refinish hardwood floors, an incredible amount of dust is to be expected from the sanding in the initial stages of the refinishing. There are dust extracting machines will which tackle that problem to a large extent and keep the dust levels reasonably low. Some refinishing machines have a little bag attached that is supposed to catch the dust, but they are only somewhat effective.

Quality professionals can and do use techniques that do away with the majority of the dust problem. Without any dust extraction, you will not only leave dust residue on your newly refinished wood floor, but it’s going to remain throughout your home for months to come. It is also recommended to cover or remove your drapes and tape off rooms in order to prevent the dust from settling or spreading throughout your home.

Drying Time
Once you’ve  refinished your  hardwood floors, you’ll need to wait until it dries, and dries completely I might add,  before you move the furniture back into the room. It’s only natural to want to bring in the furniture as soon as possible in order to admire the end result of the refinishing. However, the finish must be completely dry, before putting furniture on it, or the job may have to be redone and all that hard work will have been in vain.

If the refinishing was done professionally, they can tell you pretty much exactly how long to let it dry. If you refinish the floors yourself, it may very well be a guessing game. Drying time depends largely on what the base of the finish you chose is. Water based dries more quickly than the alternatives.

Generally speaking, it takes anywhere from 2-5 days for drying to complete for a 300-400 square foot room. The old adage “better safe than sorry” applies here; if you are not sure, wait another day.

Once all is said and done, the decision to refinish hardwood floors is a good one. It will bring back the luster and shine that once added to the beauty of your home.

The difference may be remarkable. Thankfully, barring any mishaps, refinishing does not need to be done often. Caring for your  refinished hardwood flooring with regular maintenance  will help make it last for decades.
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Refinished Hardwood Floor In Living Room

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Twin Cities janitorial January 4, 2012 at 8:46 pm

Maintaining your hardwood floors in top condition by refinishing is a good practice to keep its luster and beauty. Eventually, your hardwood floors will experience wear and tear so refinishing is needed to maintain its shine as if it looks brand new.


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