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It now seems unfathomable, but most of the North American continent was once covered in a primeval forest thousands and thousands of years old that was roughly the size of the Amazon River Basin. Giants formed a canopy high above….


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Pat – My new hardwood floors look fantastic! I will recommend New Life Hardwoods to anyone considering hardwood flooring. You delivered exactly what you promised. The reclaimed oak floors you used are a perfect match to the 1960’s vintage floors that were original to my house. Thanks again or getting the job done quickly and professionally.

Bill S – Dallas

“We are thrilled with our New Life Hardwood Floors. Our friends and relatives always remark how beautiful they are and what a great addition they are to the house. We love the fact that our floors are ‘one of a kind’ that you can’t buy anywhere else and also knowing that these floors have a story behind them. We feel like we’ve added great value to our home.”

Lynda and John Buckley

our Story

….. The trees that survived and flourished had to win the competition for sunlight and rain. On the dark forest floor, seedlings reached for the sky but growth was painstakingly slow. Uninterrupted slow growth, for the entire life span of the trees, lasted hundreds of years.reclaimed hardwood

This process produced trees which yielded wood of incredible density and hardness. But in addition, was beauty and shear size that is almost beyond our ability to understand. Into this seemingly unending growth came the Europeans who brought with them a foreign and superior technology. The metal ax.

For two hundred years, the forest supplied every aspect of every building constructed on the continent. Yet because a relatively small population still used hand axes to clear the woods, it continued to exist in a reduced form. With the introduction of mechanization, westward expansion and explosive population growth, it took just seventy more years for the great North American Virgin Forest, with all of its diversity, to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Today, there are small remnants remaining of what was clear cut out of existence. Four hundred year old trees were cut down to make floor joists, ceiling beams, studs and walls. In old houses, barns and other structures are building materials, made from what were once giants of the forest. And, if saved from being destroyed by bulldozers and thrown into landfills, the historic, irreplaceable wood is allowed to live again — in a new form, in a new life.

That is the purpose of New Life Hardwoods. To be the premier provider of high end reclaimed hardwoods in Texas. By doing so, we are able to reuse and share with future generations an appreciation of the quality, character and beauty found in these last available examples of Old Growth species like Oak, Pine, Walnut, Cherry, Cypress, Poplar, Maple and Chestnut. A perfect fit for today’s lifestyles. Experience the value of 100% recycled New Life Hardwoods.

Quality, character and beauty of our hardwoods — a perfect fit for today’s lifestyles.